Welcome to the world of waxing! Swapping over from shaving to waxing can be a daunting time and requires some serious will power to not shave, but with our help it will be a smooth transition (pun intended)!

1.Don’t shave! (or clipper)

If you’ve been shaving for a while, then you’ll be all too familiar with the stubble that appears after a few days. For a regular shaver, it’s only natural to pick up the razor, but if you are planning on transitioning you will need about half a centimetre to a centimetre of hair (about 2 weeks growth) for the wax to stick to.

If you leave your hair longer than the 2 weeks to grow out and feel that it’s a bit too long, don’t stress. Leave the hair and we will trim the hair back if necessary – we can work with longer hair, we can’t if it’s too short.


We’ll be honest, waxing isn’t without its pain. But on a scale of 1 to WTF it only sits at about a 5. We recommend you exfoliate your skin the night before your wax to remove all the dead skin cells on the area, meaning that the wax will stick to your hairs and not your skin. Much less painful!

3.Get into a routine

This may surprise you but waxing does actually get easier! If this is your first wax, or first wax in a while it is likely to sting a little more due to the volume of hair needing to be removed. Hair grows in different cycles and the longer you leave it, the more hair there is. Our pro tip? Make sure to book in for another wax 4 weeks after your first one. Less hair, less pain!

So, what are you waiting for? Drop the razor and book online now at Beautique Newquay!